Services Offered by a Trusted Machine Shop


Our Services

  • Machine Shop – Turning, Machining, Plasma/Torch Table Cutting, and more
  • General Contracting – Carpentry, masonry, concrete, erecting buildings, earth-moving/grading, and more
  • Welding Fabrication – Welding, fabrication, millwright, construction, piping, and more
  • Industrial Maintenance and Construction – For maintenance shutdowns as well as day-to-day maintenance
  • Concrete – Residential and commercial concrete services
  • Crane and Hydra-lift Service – All types of cranes and hydra-lifts to fit your needs
  • Fleet Service and Vehicle Maintenance – With top-of-the-line diagnostic and repair tools and know-how
  • Communications and Tank Component Fabrication and Supply – Fabricate parts and equipment destined for cell tower and water tanks
  • WCMS provides 24-hour emergency service for all departments. A full-time safety program keeps our personnel MSHA- and OSHA-trained for working on mining sites and other properties. Our work is guaranteed, and we provide references upon request.

Our Services

  • Project planning
  • On-site management
  • Budgeting and estimating
  • Milestone creation
  • Process flow
  • Resource management
  • Paperwork reduction
  • Compliance consulting

Bonding Capabilities

When required, WCMS can provide contract and performance bonds, with appropriate licenses and permits guaranteeing the safety and performance of our team.

Fabrication, Welding, and Repair Shop


Our welding shop is equipped to do all repairs from minor repairs in-shop to industrial on-site repairs and fabrication. Our abilities range from repair and fabrication of farm and industrial equipment, industrial storage tanks, pressure vessel fabrication and repairs, building and repairing custom bumpers, roll bars, custom barbecue grills, etc.

Certified Welders: State and AWWA Certified.

Our Fabrication Shop Includes:

  • Portable welding equipment (radio-dispatched)
  • Heliarc, aluminum, and stainless steel welding
  • Stainless steel fabrication (plasma torch cutting)
  • Custom bumper, grill, and hitch fabrication
  • 8-ft. shearing capacity
  • Belt lacing
  • Hard surfacing
  • 8-ft. Webb plate roller
  • 52” x 20-foot lathe capacity, portable horizontal line boring mill
  • Driveshaft repairs
  • Truck axle housing repairs
  • Flywheel grinding
  • Gearbox rebuilding
  • Repair, fabrication, shafts, and Braun housing
  • Standard and metric applications

General Contracting Services


At Washington County Machine Shop, we understand that every construction project is an important venture. Our experience gives us an advantage when choreographing the assets of others. Building projects, on any scale, require the up-most understanding of materials and communication—WCMS has both.

We are located in Sandersville, GA but have the capability to serve you nationwide and internationally. There isn't much we haven't seen or done. So when something unexpected happens, we respond with fast, practical solutions to keep your job on task and on time.

Our Contracting and Carpentry Services Include:

  • Commercial carpentry – Remodeling and new construction
  • Drywall, plumbing, and electrical
  • Flooring, finishing, and painting
  • Masonry – Brick block, stucco, and more
  • Licensed general contractor
  • Thermal and moisture protection

Welding Fabrication

WCMS has in house welding and fabrication as well as road crews.

We pre-fabricate components at our shop, transport to the job site and install or we have the capability to fabricate and install on the job site.

We are located in Sandersville, GA but we have the capability to serve you nationwide and internationally.

We also install and repair piping, fittings, valves, etc.

Platforms, support structures, stair cases, mezzanines, handrails, etc.

Industrial Maintenance and Construction


WCMS performs industrial maintenance on many different levels. Our crews routinely work all types of industrial equipment and piping. We will professionally complete any task wherever the need arises. We can offer services in our shop or in the field at your location.

WCMS crews also assist in plant maintenance shutdowns, emergency services, day-to-day maintenance, confined space repairs, millwright service, and pipeline construction maintenance. Whatever you needs, we have the trained professionals to handle the job.


Concrete Services


WCMS is committed to giving our customers a good service at a good price. Our intent is to be a customer solutions partner.

Our Concrete Services Include:

  • Poured in place
  • Concrete calculations
  • Forming
  • Concrete finishing services

We welcome any and all suggestions on how to serve you better.

Crane and Hydrolift Service


WCMS has a crane or hydrolift to fit most of your needs. We also provide 24-hour emergency crane and hydrolift service. The National Association of Service Consultants certifies all our cranes, hydrolifts, and operators. WCMS personnel are MSHA-trained and can work in all areas of the mining industry.

Our Crane and Hydrolifts Include:

  • 10-Ton, 55-Foot Tip Height
  • 11-Ton, 65-Foot Tip Height
  • 12-Ton, 65-Foot Tip Height
  • 15-Ton, 65-Foot Tip Height
  • 1-Man and 2-Man Certified Baskets
  • 18-Ton Grove Rough Terrain - 36,000-Pound Capacity
  • Live Boom, 65 Feet – Total Tip Height: 85 Feet
  • 27.5-Ton Pioneer Truck Crane – 55,000-Pound Capacity
  • Live Boom, 94 Feet – Total Tip Height: 148 Feet
  • 65-Ton P-H Crane Truck Crane – 130,000-Pound Capacity
  • Live Boom, 126 Feet – Total Tip Height: 197 Feet